So, apparently I’m not such a good blogger…

I set this up with every intention of sharing all sorts of wonderful things…yet I haven’t posted. So, today I’ll post!

Today, I’ve been busy working on a care package for my daughter Stephanie. It really shouldn’t have been much work, except when I was putting things together, one thing led to another. Before you know it, I’m creating “projects” for this care package. It’s the popcorn’s fault. I decided it couldn’t just get sent in a box. No…I had to make a box for it!

Exhibit A:

I know she’ll like it. I’m sure it will make her smile, as she remembers how over-the-top her mother is. 😉

The box template is from Andrea Walford’s blog ( Using the scallop punch as “popcorn” was taken from a card I saw once at SCS, but I never saved the card into my favorites, so I’m not sure who to credit. It was not hard to make. Except I didn’t follow her directions on putting it together. My sticky strip stuck in the wrong spot when I was putting the sides together, and I had to practically rip the thing apart to get it together straight. Next time, I’ll do better reading directions!


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