A little sad today…

…but I’m going to turn this sadness into something positive.

Today is my Sister-In-Law, Karen’s 43rd birthday. Or should I say it would have been. We lost our beloved Karen to breast cancer on August 29th (ironically, my son’s birthday). Karen touched hundreds of lives…literally. She was heavily involved in her church, her boys’ activities (soccer, etc), and their school.

Tonight, all of her friends and family will gather for “Mammograms and Margaritas”. This is to toast the wonderful life she led, but also to remind everyone to get their mammograms. Believe it or not, even though many of her friends (and family) were with her through her 5 year rollercoaster journey from sickness to health, and back to sickness, many have NEVER had a mammogram! Unbelievable!!

Karen and I were each diagnosed with breast cancer in our late 30’s. She was with me when I received my diagnosis and was a huge supporter/champion for this cause. By the Grace of God, I’m still in remission (obviously, I can’t yet say “cured”). In her honor, I’m taking a moment to continue that legacy and encourage ALL women to get their mammogram. I know there is fear of getting bad news. However, with the advances in medicine, the survival rate is higher than ever! Without treatment, not so much.

If you get a chance later, raise a glass of cheer to Karen (and make that appointment for your mammo!)

::Hopping off the soapbox.::

Happy Birthday, Karen!


2 thoughts on “A little sad today…

  1. Hop on that soapbox any time you want! Thanks for the reminder as to how important it is to get screened. It is beyond time for me, and my reasoning is not bad news, it is that how can I possibly take the time? I will call and schedule one today.

    Glad to hear that you are in remission. I am very sorry for your loss. Sending hugs your way!

    Jen S

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