Three words…

Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Tomorrow our schedule is as follows: 7:24 – 12:30 – students, 12:30 – 2pm break/lunch, 2-8 pm – conferences (no additional break- and we are booked solid!) It will make for a LONG day. The good news is Thursday is a day off for students, teachers go in 1-8 (with a 1 hour dinner break). The BEST part is Friday OFF! Bonus: not having to deal with wound-up 6th graders on Halloween! They are already energetic enough…let alone on a day where they have the prospect of lots of free candy…lol 😉

I’m kind of/sort of working on several cards right now. However, with tomorrow’s schedule, they will have to wait for another day. See you Thursday or Friday! I should be able to focus long enough to complete at least one card and post by then!! 🙂


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