Where have I been?…

We have PUPPIES!


Our dog Sadie gave birth to 7 puppies this week! They are precious. Sadie is a great mom, too.

How cute are they? I just want to give their little bellies zerberts!! We have 4 black and 3 yellow. Amazingly, there are 5 females and only 2 males (two of the four black ones are male – the yellows are all female). All are healthy and seem to be thriving.

Between puppies, work, being sick, and getting ready for Christmas, my stampin’ time is almost zero. I’m hoping ot sneak into my stamping room tomorrow. Even though I’ve been doing Stamp-a-Stacks, etc, MY Christmas cards are not even done! How ironic is that? I’ll get them done…people might not get them until Christmas Eve, but I’ll get ’em done! πŸ˜‰



8 thoughts on “Where have I been?…

  1. Oh how cute!!! I had no idea that black labs could produce yellow labs. They make me want a puppy so bad. But DH says our cat is enough! Boo.

  2. We aren’t breeders, but our other Lab is a yellow male and through no fault of my own, they came in contact when she was in heat. Interestingly, her mother is a yellow Lab, but her dad is black. Our male’s parents are both yellow. So, it would make sense that she carries the gene for yellow. Funny thing about Labs – they can have any color pup! The one in the pic is the one we call “Little Red” – her coat is very red (they call it “Fox Red” – it’s in the official “yellow” spectrum). She’s my favorite (I’m partial to red-heads – what can I say? lol) She was one of the last born and is smaller than most of the others…but she’s gaining weight daily! Her yellow sisters are known affectionately as “Fatso” and “Wrinkles”, (only due to their physical characteristics…lol) – and they try to shove her out of the way, but Little Red is a scrapper!
    Melissa – if you need a puppy – let me know! I’ve got just a couple for you!! πŸ˜‰

  3. This is beautiful…very original from all the others from this set I’ve seen. I want a puppy too!!!!Never seen a red one.

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