I’ve gotten some emails asking about the puppies. They will be three weeks old tomorrow. Their eyes are open, they are toddling around (from what I’ve read, they will reach their regular gait by four weeks old). A couple of them are starting to imitate mom at the food bowl (though they are no where near ready for solid foods…they don’t have teeth yet!) They are so stinkin’ cute. However, with their toddling around, they are already getting into trouble. Yesterday, I went downstairs to check on them and five of them were out of the box, walking around (well, in their shaky, stiff-legged way)! We did buy one of those octagonal pens (you can actually make it into almost any shape, since each panel is hinged) – and we set that up around the box. Anyway – here are some pics, taken over the past few days…CUTENESS OVERLOAD WARNING! 😉

122908_01 122908_02 122908_031 122908_04 122908_07

If that looks like a really fancy whelping box rug, it’s because it is…that *was* myvery expensive hand-tufted wool rug that used to sit in front of our fireplace hearth. However, about a week after purchasing it, a puppy that shall remain nameless (**coughSadiecough**) chewed one corner and edge to bits. So, while I did keep the rug in front of the fireplace for a while (I didn’t want to risk getting a new one that would get chewed up, too!) – it has been relegated to the to puppy box, where it keeps them warm and snuggy, with a definitive decorative flair! lol




2 thoughts on ““Pup”date…

  1. Did it again your comments are odd…your card below is adorable the puppies are cute HAHA!!! Hugs and a Happy New Year!

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