Pardon my drool (and my absence)…

I’ve been soaking up the new Spring/Summer Idea Book & Catalog! It’s coming in two days!! For those that have not seen it…it’s BEAUTIFUL! The new papers are awesome, there are some really amazing stamp sets, and the photographs are full of beautiful projects and ideas!

So, to gain your forgiveness for not posting, here are some puppy pics (they were taken last weekend):

011009_01 011009_011

011009_02 011009_03

011009_04 011009_05 011009_06

Don’t be fooled by their cuteness…they are mischievious as all get out! They work together to break out of the pen (I’ve seen them do it!) – they all bunch up on one edge of the pen and push with all their might. I think I can now add “puppy wrangler” to my resume! 😉

More cards and projects coming later!




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