A Tale of Two Big Shots (a little long)…

Love, love, love my Big Shot! I demonstrate it any time I can and I find my customers love it, too. This was  the case last night when I had a rather large Stamp Camp (mostly with new stampers). We made two projects using the Big Shot (see below for one of them). Needless today, after taking all the orders (including one for a Big Shot, of course) and gabbing with the hostess (we work together), it was really late by the time I left! So, her husband helped me out to the truck (I normally drive hubby’s Chevy Silverado 2500 extended cab).  I had my hands full and her husband had my wheeled case and a huge bag. So, I set my bag down and set the Big Shot on the edge of the truck bed. He got me loaded up and away I went! Why am I telling you all this? Well, this morning, I discovered that I never took the Big Shot off the back of the truck! As you can guess, it didn’t fall into the bed…it was GONE!

So, bright and early (as soon as the sun was up), I called her and left a message, asking if she could check her street to see if it rolled off. She called me back about 45 minutes later, saying her husband went driving around and could not find it. Now mind you, they live about 30 minutes from me. I was SICK! I was putting away all my Bigz dies, the Sizzlets, the cutting platforms…and just so sad!  I just couldn’t let it rest – I thought I’d drive back that way and see if maybe it was in the ditch of the exit ramp, where I get on the highway in their town…just because if I didn’t do so, I would never forgive myself for not trying. As I drove, I kept looking along the median of the highway (it’s all two lanes each way, with a grass center). I almost braked for lots of tire fragments, a shirt that someone lost, and a bag of trash. When I was about 12 miles outside the town I was heading to, I was telling myself how nuts I was. Not too long after that – what did I see across the median?? YES!!!!! My Big Shot! There was no mistaking that grey handle sticking out from the faded grass! Of course, the next exit was about 2 miles away! I couldn’t drive fast enough.

Now mind you, this is a two-lane (each way) highway, with a 70 MPH speed limit and very little shoulder. The next thought that occurred to me was how was I going to pull over to the left side of the road and walk through that grassy slope to get my machine? I just decided to be brave! I was driving about 50 in the left lane, looking out for it (I’m sure the other drivers just loved me at this point! lol) I spotted it! I hit the brakes (making sure no one was right behind me, of course) and pulled as far off the road as I could and turned on the flashers. I got a few looks as I walked the 25 feet or so, retrieved my machine and went back  to the truck. The thing looked unscratched! Now, when I flipped it over, that was where I saw the damage. The little feet were gone/smashed. A couple of the plastic pieces were out of whack. However, those snapped together perfectly (well, except the couple of missing chunks!) The best news? It works perfectly!! I’m so excited!!!

Even better? Now when customers ask me how durable it is – I have quite the tale to tell! Not everyone can say their Big Shot survived flying off the back of a truck at 70 MPH! 😉


The top (virtually unscratched!)

big_shot_after The bottom (not pretty – there’s even still grass under there…lol) :big_shot_after2

Here is one of the projects we made last night:


This uses the Top Note die with Pretty in Pink, stamped in Basic Grey with a stamp from the Sale-a-Bration set “Yummy”.  I used the slot punch for the hole up top. It was decorated with some Rose Red grosgrain. The bags are our 3×5 cello bags (great little size!)

Isn’t the candy corn cute? I’ve used the “PayDay candy bar” recipe (half candy corn/half peanuts) at my fall workshops before. So imagine my delight in finding Valentine’s candy corn! The gals went nuts for this project – and it was so easy for them. The one that bought the Big Shot is using this same design to make favors for her sister’s wedding shower (except she’s filling hers with custom M&M’s in her sister’s colors – white, black, and teal and using our new single stamp Forever (item 114494 for $5.95), stamped in Taken by Teal on Whisper White, with black grosgrain. I think they’ll be sharp!!

I’m about ready for a nap…getting home so late, getting up so early, and going through the emotional Big Shot rollercoaster has me wiped out!




2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Big Shots (a little long)…

  1. OMGosh, I’m so sorry for your BigShot! What a cool story of survival, though. You should email the story to Stampin’ Up! & Sizzix – you have the perfect testimony to durability & quality craftsmanship! Heck, they may even send you something for your heartache, lol.
    Cute project & we LOVE candy corn & peanuts, too-I had to laugh when I saw the bag’s contents…yum!!

  2. wow!!! I’m so glad you decided to go back and look for it (and can’t believe you were lucky enough to find it)! You can definitely vouch for it’s durability now… lol! Love that little candy bag!

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