About me…

I’m a 40-something year old mom of two amazing kids. My sweetie and I enjoy travel, biking, and trying new things.   I teach sixth grade math (and I must be crazy – but I love it!)

I first got into stamping, ironically enough, when I was completing my student teaching. My cooperating teacher is a big stamper. While I’ve always been into crafts (you name it…painting, wood working, quilting, even dried floral arranging!) – this was a new thing for me. Sure, I had owned a few rubber stamps over the years, but they were more utilitarian than anything. Even when I bought some that were more decorative looking, I just stamped them onto paper and didn’t see anything to get excited about.

Now – fast forward a year or so…my cooperating teacher invited me to attend a Stampin’ Up! Stamp Camp. WOW-SA! I was like a kid in a candy store. The cards we made were so pretty! I learned so much that night and I was hooked! I’m sure it’s that same feeling a lot of people have after attending their first SU! workshop…I couldn’t believe I made such wonderful, beautiful cards in only a couple of hours. I also enjoyed that feeling of camaraderie that I felt that night. I attended a couple more stamp camps, but then that demo decided to stop demonstrating. I used what I learned in my scrapbooking and measly card-making endeavors. I used what I had and what I could gather to make cards for my friends and family. They’ve always been really appreciated by the recipients. However, what I was doing was strictly amateur-hour.

That’s when I discovered Split Coast Stampers! What a site!! The creativity, the resources, the tutorials…the community!! I lurked and lurked, until one day I had courage to post. What do you know? People actually commented on my cards. It motivated me to become better in both technique and creativity.

Today, I’m proud to be a Stampin Up! Demonstrator. I love sharing what I’ve learned. I still love that feeling, “I made THAT?!” I also enjoy inspiring others and hearing their joy when they discover how fun and rewarding stamping can be.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Feel free to leave a comment to let me know you were here!!


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